iMode mobile sites and smartphone mobiles sites are different

When it becomes difficult to support a certain platform, one option is to provide a separate website that is written in simple HTML, and redirect that platform to this website.

This is how we support IE7 and below in Ponzu. Since our CSS and Javascript require at least IE8, we redirect IE7 and below to our website designed from iMode browsers. Since iMode only supports the simplest HTML and CSS, this website is extremely simple. Any browser, probably even old Netscape browsers are able to render to render this correctly.

One problem however is touch-based interfaces. When we render the iMode site on a touch device like an Android smartphone, the links are too small to tap with a finger. Although even the most incapable Android smartphones are able to correctly render the iMode website, the links are un-tappable because they are too small. One solution is of course to have the user zoom-in and out of the window. This is however a pain on old Android devices, because zooming is not smooth and in some cases, you do not have pinch-to-zoom.

We are currently investigating if we need to redirect some old Android devices to the iMode website, and if necessary, whether we can customize the font-size, etc. so that this site is usable with a touch interface.

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