Integration of Exhibitor information

In all current systems that I am aware of, exhibitor information is managed completely separately from the scientific program. However, from a programming perspective, they are actually quite similar.

If we could integrate exhibitor into the conference program, it would be trivial to include luncheon seminars, etc. in search results. It would also be possible to do interesting Ad placements.

Exhibitors as Presentation objects

We could make the Exhibitions and the luncheon seminars as a Session type similar to “Workshops”, “Symposiums” and “Posters”. This way, it will be straightforward to include luncheon seminars into timetables and exhibition maps. It will be simple to also add “likes” and “my schedule” support.

Exhibitors should be free to edit their stuff.

Contrary to the presentations, exhibition stuff does not need to be edited by organizers. The exhibitors should be free to add information as they wish.

Exhibitors should have a live feed.

Prior to MBSJ2012, I entertained the idea of having a live feed of exhibitor activity, much like a Twitter hashtag for the exhibition that was more integrated with Ponzu. However, after seeing the failure that was JBS2012, I’m not so sure. Maybe this isn’t the best way to do it.

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